Four Reasons BCA is UNIQUE

1. We focus on crucial early-stage research.

Breast Cancer Alliance has established itself as the major private foundation committed to early-stage research. That means it can identify important new scientists, or those tenured in their careers, and provide the crucial bridge funding that gets them from the conceptual stage to eligibility for federal support.

Over $33 million awarded, the majority of which has gone to innovative, novel research into metastatic breast cancer, triple negative breast cancer, immunotherapy and more

2. We foster new, young talent in the field.

Breast Cancer Alliance understands that survival rates and quality of life are dramatically improved when patients are in the care of specially trained breast surgeons. As a result, we are committed to funding breast surgery fellowships annually at select Society of Surgical Oncology accredited institutions.

BCA has funded 53 breast surgical fellowships since 2006, helping to attract new, highly skilled doctors to the field.

3. We enable early detection and prevention.

Breast cancer survival rates are near 90% due to advances in early detection and improved education. We dedicate grant funding each year towards breast health awareness and to eliminating barriers of access to care for for underserved patients in diverse and disadvantaged communities.

Over 250 Education & Outreach Grants have been awarded to health organizations for screening, treatment and support.

4. We have the most committed and energetic community out there.

The success of Breast Cancer Alliance is very much the result of the relationships we foster through our volunteer opportunities, and the communities we build through participation in our programs and events. Learn how you can become a part of it all.

The BCA community shows up when it is time to donate, to walk, to support, to volunteer.


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