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Breast Cancer Alliance is one of the most prominent, private non-corporate breast cancer organizations in the United States. It is a regional foundation making national impact with its grant awards.

Breast Cancer Alliance provides seed money – scientific venture capital – to fund innovative breast cancer research with emphases on programs that have not yet qualified for federal grants. To secure federal funding, a researcher must prove a theory works. Breast Cancer Alliance creates the critical bridge between novel research and the opportunity to generate preliminary results with grants like our Exceptional Projects.


BCA encourages careers in breast cancer research and in clinical medicine. We award two year Young Investigator Grants to doctors and scientists in the early stages of their careers, often overlooked by the funding world until they have longer tenure. We also fund Breast Surgery Fellowships at Society of Surgical Oncology accredited institutions providing specialized post-graduate training in breast surgery. Ultimately, these physicians go on to improve both survival rates and quality of life for those they treat, often in parts of the country previously lacking this expertise. Our commitment to education and outreach is evident throughout Connecticut and Westchester County, NY. Each year, we allocate up to twenty-five percent of our funding to help underserved women access breast health care by lessening the financial burden which is often an obstacle to critical exams.


We are committed to transparency, both in how we allocate our funding and in how that funding is utilized. While we require stringent reporting from every one of our grantees, what distinguishes us from other foundations is that we visit each of our grantees to hear about the impact of our allocations firsthand. All of our supporters, and those interested in learning more about BCA, are welcome to attend. 


Site visit dates will be added as scheduled. Contact Executive Director, Yonni Wattenmaker,, if you would like to attend.

Education and Outreach Visits

Thursday, July 12, 9am, Open Door Family Medical Center, Port Chester, NY


Thursday, July 12, 10:45am, Gilda’s Club Westchester, White Plains, NY


Thursday, September 6, 11am, Norwalk Hospital, Norwalk, CT


Monday, September 17, 9:30am, Norma F. Pfriem Breast Center, Fairfield and Bridgeport, CT             


Monday, September 17, 10:30am, The Witness Project (at Norma F. Pfriem)


Monday, September 17, 12pm, St. Vincent’s Medical Center, Bridgeport, CT


More to come

Exceptional Project Visits

Thursday, July 19, 11am, Leif Ellisen, MD, PhD,    Massachusetts General Hospital 


Thursday, July 19, 1:30pm, Marcia Haigis, PhD, Harvard Medical School


Monday, September 24, 11am, Peter Gann, MD, SCD, University of Illinois


Wednesday, December 5, 10am, Regina Barzilay, PhD, MIT 


More to come

Young Investigator Visits

Wednesday, December 5, 12:30pm, Eugen Dhimolea, PhD, Dana Farber Cancer Institute


Thursday, January 31, 11:30am, Andrew Elia, MD, PhD, Massachusetts General Hospital


Thursday, January 31, 1:30pm, Shom Goel, PhD, MBBS, Dana Farber Cancer Institute 


More to come


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