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There are so many resources out there for breast cancer patients and their loved ones. Here are some that we have found most valuable over the years. Please let us know if you have another that should be on these lists.

These resources are suggestions, but are not endorsed by and do not necessarily represent the opinions of Breast Cancer Alliance.
These programs have been organized by Breast Cancer Alliance to shed light on various breast cancer-related subjects. 
Advances in Breast Cancer Immunotherapy
Learn about advances in this complex field from BCA research grant recipients: Dr. Scott Abrams, Dr. Michael Nemeth, Dr. Rumela Chakrabarti and Dr. Robert Schneider and a highlight from Focused Ultrasound Foundation. Sponsor: Gilead Sciences
Advances in Pain Management
Presented in partnership with National Spine Health Foundation, Focused Ultrasound Foundation, Theraplant and Bluerock Care. Sponsored by Daiichi Sankyo and moderated by Dr. Natalie Azar, contributor, NBC News.
BCA Roundtable
Poignant and inspirational stories shared between women who have all faced breast cancer diagnoses.
Black Breast Cancer: Incidence, Risk and Healthcare Inequity
Black Women and Breast Cancer: A Webinar about Education, Incidence and Healthcare Inequity in conversation with Commissioner Vannessa Dorantes, Olympic Champion Chaunte Lowe and Dr. Cardinale Smith.
Hot Topics in Breast Cancer
Confronting challenges presented by COVID-19, advances in treatment, diet, stress, lifestyle management, and more. Moderated by Judy Woodruff, Anchor and Managing Editor, PBS NewsHour.
Life After Breast Cancer
Truths about Breast Cancer: Sexual Health, Treatment, and Risks for Hispanic Women with Dr. Lucy de la Cruz, Dr. Kristin Rojas and Dr. Starr Mautner.
Living with Cancer and Managing the Workplace
Living with cancer is hard enough. Balancing it with work can be harder. This webinar by WPP provide advice for employees and employers alike, with BCA Executive Director, Yonni Wattenmaker.
Male Breast Cancer
What You Need to Know About Male Breast Cancer: an important conversation about a lesser known side of this disease. Panelists include Dr. Elisa Port, Dr. Steve Lo and three men sharing their personal breast cancer journeys.
Sexual Health
Truths about Breast Cancer: Sexual Health, Treatment, and Risks for Hispanic Women with Dr. Lucy de la Cruz, Dr. Kristin Rojas and Dr. Starr Mautner.
The Importance of Genetic Screening
Presented in partnership with Emily Goldberg, genetic counselor, JScreen, Dr. Rich Zelkowitz, oncologist and PBCS NewsHour producer, Ali Rogin, author of Beat Breast Cancer Like a Boss.
The Power of Lifestyle Medicine for Breast Cancer Risk Reduction
Delving into the lifestyle medicine approach to support breast cancer prevention and recovery, featuring Dr. Amy Comander and Dr. Michelle Tollefson, and moderated by Yonni Wattenmaker, Executive Director of Breast Cancer Alliance.
Triple Negative Breast Cancer
What you need to know about Triple Negative Breast Cancer: A conversation with Joan Lunden and Dr. Barbara Ward. Learn about this breast cancer sub-type, breast density, screening, genetics and more.
What You Need to Know About Breast Cancer
An important guide to breast cancer risk, treatment and surgery, captioned in Spanish. Lo que necesitas saber sobre el cancer de mama.


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