Patient Resources

There are so many resources out there for breast cancer patients and their loved ones. Here are some that we have found most valuable over the years. Please let us know if you have another that should be on these lists.

These resources are suggestions, but are not endorsed by and do not necessarily represent the opinions of Breast Cancer Alliance.
Allura Salon
Hair services, 23 West Putnam Avenue, Greenwich, CT 06830, (203) 869-1234
Alternative Hair Solutions
251 Mill Street, Greenwich, CT 06830, (203) 987-5948
Angels of New York
Call for a private wig consultation (212) 838-7888 or toll-free (866) 692-2643
Custom wigs 1841 Broadway at West 60th Street, New York, NY 10023, (212) 397-0711
Complete Shaping
Complete Shaping garments can be used by women who choose to remain flat after surgery or who are awaiting reconstruction. This comfortable garment is an all-in-one top with built-in prosthetics and without restrictive elastic.
Girl on the Go
Private, in-home wig services
Hope Scarves
Hope scarves share scarves stories and hope with people facing cancer. Each hope scarf contains a headcover, survivor story & scarf tying instructions. You can request a free scarf or one as a gift to someone facing cancer.
Infinite Beauty
Infinite Beauty is the only intimate apparel brand currently on the market that makes bras specifically for women post-mastectomy or implant reconstruction and suffer from chills and spasms associated with treatment.
Magnolia Meals
Magnolia Meals at Home is a meal delivery program that aims to provide a nutritious foundation for cancer patients and their families. The program is in Woodcliff Lake, NJ, Andover, MA, Raleigh-Durham, New Haven, CT and parts of NY, NH and Boston.
National Lymphedema Network
The Network provides information on the prevention and management of lymphedema, a chronic condition which can develop as a result of treatment for breast cancer. Included are listings of treatment centers, therapists and support groups.
Necessity Bags
Full of items that made surgery, recovery, chemotherapy, pain, illness and loss a little easier for the founders, the thoughtfully packed Necessity Bag is ready to grab and go to help make chemotherapy much easier on those going through treatment.
Radiant Wrap
Radiant Wrap is an alternative designer gown made for women with breast cancer to wear while undergoing radiation treatments. They provide an extra degree of comfort, beauty, wellness and dignity, and are designed by a Breast Cancer survivor.
The Wig Exchange
For those undergoing chemotherapy and accompanying hair loss, women can view this online wig salon. A coordinator will teach how to wear and care for the professionally cleaned and reconditioned wig and arrange a fitting, styling and haircuts.
Violets Are Blue
BeLoved is a beauty care line purposefully designed with simple, natural ingredients that will soothe and comfort chapped, tired skin and give you the love and nurturing you need to feel restored and revived. Use code BCAORG for 20% off.


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