Patient Resources

There are so many resources out there for breast cancer patients and their loved ones. Here are some that we have found most valuable over the years. Please let us know if you have another that should be on these lists.

These resources are suggestions, but are not endorsed by and do not necessarily represent the opinions of Breast Cancer Alliance.
Fitness for Breast Cancer Patients and Survivors
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center has a fitness membership for cancer patients and survivors. It is $60 for a three-month membership and access to 20 classes tailored toward patient and past-patient needs.
MyVictory Fitness
MyVictory is a fitness-streaming platform for cancer survivors and their supporters. It offers live classes and a library of on-demand options for every ability level so you'll find a class you love. Enjoy 30-days free with code BreastCancerAlliance
We all need strong bones and OsteoStrong can help! This link provides one month of sessions free for breast cancer patients, in and post-treatment, and two free sessions for all BCA supporters! Once a week is all it takes to start building up bones!
Sweet Blue Swim
With quarantining and social distancing, the opportunity for cancer survivors to swim has been greatly reduced. Cancer survivors need to be especially alert to their surroundings so swimming, or learning to swim, in a safe environment is necessary.


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