Get Fit for Hope Challenge!

Looking for a little healthy competition for a great cause?

Join Breast Cancer Alliance's second Get Fit for Hope Challenge during National Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

BCA's mission includes eliminating obstacles to essential breast health care for underserved and uninsured women. Due to challenges imposed by the pandemic, your support is more critical than ever.

Exercise has a demonstrated positive impact on both prevention and recovery from breast cancer. BCA's first Get Fit for Hope Challenge, a nationwide event dedicated to fitness, was a huge success. All who participated did something good for themselves, in the safety of their own home while making an important impact on the healthcare of others.

Now it's your turn! Here's how to get started!

If you just want a great workout for a great cause:

  • Donate $25 here
  • Do any workout of our choice or take one of the classes our participating fitness studios & trainers are offering (all class times are listed below):
  • Beach Yoga
  • Peggy Mann Berenblum
  • Pam Campbell
  • Ali Cerone
  • Core Burn Studios
  • Core Pilates
  • Karen Dillon
  • Equinox
  • Forme Barre
  • Greenwich Barre Studio
  • Heroes Raising the Barre
  • JoyRide, Darien
  • Hilary Rifkin
  • Zumbathon

100% of proceeds will be donated to Breast Cancer Alliance grants for 2021

#BCAGetFitforHope #DonateYour Hustle

Classes by Date:

October 3:

Forme Barre: Barre class online and for a limited number, in studio, 8:30am

Forme Barre: Barre class online and for a limited number, in studio, 12:30pm

Zumba: 90-minute class, 10:30am PST, Escondido, CA 

October 4:

JoyRide, Darien: Indoor Cycling classes (in an outdoor tent!) 8:30am 

JoyRide, Darien: Indoor Cycling classes (in an outdoor tent!) 11:30am 

October 5:

Karen Dillon: 15-minute meditation,  8am ~ on Zoom: Meeting Id: 725 164 6023 Password:1203

Pam Campbell: 30-minute strength workout, 4:30 pm ~ dumbbells (or household items!) and bands needed 

October 6:

Pam Campbell: 30-minute strength workout, 4:30 pm ~ dumbbells (or household items!) and bands needed

October 7:

Karen Dillon: 60--minute gentle flow yoga,  8am 

Pam Campbell: 30-minute strength workout, 4:30pm ~ dumbbells (or household items!) and bands needed

October 11:

Core Pilates: 60-minute class with Kristen Leclair, 9am

Beach Yoga: 60-minute yoga flow at Weed Beach, Darien, hosted by Stephanie O'Grady and Danielle Santoro, 10am ~ bring a mat

October 13:

Karen Dillon: 60-minute Restorative Yoga, 7pm 

Karen Dillon: 30-minute Study Break Meditation and Yoga Stretch for teens and college students, 8:30pm 

October 18:

Heroes Raising the Barre: 60-minute Barre Class with Lori Laub on Instagram & Facebook Live, 10am

October 19:

Coreburn: Midday Moves Yoga Class 12:15 PM

October 20:

Equinox: Cindy Factor: 60 - minute Barre Class 12:15-1:15 PM 

Coreburn: Midday Moves Yoga Class 5:30 PM

October 21:

Coreburn: Sunrise Stretch Yoga at 6:30 AM and Pilates Mat at 11:30 AM

October 22:

Equinox: Jillian Paladino: 45 - minute Pilates Class 12:15-1:00 PM

Coreburn: Fire + Flow Vinyasa Yoga Class 5:30 PM

October 23:

Coreburn: Pilates Mat Class 10:00 AM

October 24:

Ali Cerone: 30-minute HIIT, 10am

Greenwich Barre Studio: Barre class with Cindy Sites, 10am, Instagram Live

October 25:

Hilary Rifkin: Strength Training, 9am 

October 27:

Equinox: Peggy Mann Berenblum: 60-minute Power Yoga Class 5:00-6:00 PM Zoom: Meeting ID: 852 6717 8289 Passcode:  7593

October 29:

Equinox: Nikki Glor: 45 -minute Precision Run Class 5:00-5:45 PM, Zoom: Meeting ID: 842 4206 4543 Passcode: 7593

Thank you to our Gold Sponsor: 

 Gold Sponsor

For details about how to sponsor BCA's October Get Fit for Hope Challenge, click here



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