Tributes - Breast Cancer Alliance


My dearest Niki, I love you and I miss you every day.  You will be in my heart and soul forever.  Love, Gini Marantz

Sincere love and healing prayers to all… especially my dear friend Fran Gormley ~ Roellen Bishop

In honor of Yonni Wattenmaker and Crystal Stoute and all their hard work ~ Meg Russell

In honor of Nancy Smith ~ Love, Tad and Eileen

To Annie Amato, Lisa Walsh and Joan Whipple ~ Susan Whelan

In support of breast cancer survivor, Barbara Fogarty ~ Elizabeth Benedict

My sincere admiration goes to my friends Nancy, Patti, Randy, Joan, Linda and Kelly for showing us how to dance in the rain until the sun came out! ~ Christy Murphy

In memory of my loving friend Debra Levitt Ron, who was the bravest person I know. ~ Donna Fantini

In Honor of my dear sister Nancy Smith, Lovingly given by Susan Thorkelson

In loving memory of my sister, Chris Weichert ~ Marylou Williams

In loving memory of Sheila K. Becker ~ wife, mother, grandmother and friend ~ Nicole Ewing

To Mom/Nonni We miss you every day. ~ Kathy T. Hanson

Our love and best wishes to Robbin A. for a brave fight. Xo, Kir & Terry

In loving memory of my mother Patricia Scott Fobes and my sister Victoria Elizabeth Terenzi ~ Valerie Firestein

In memory of Elyssa London ~ Suzanne

In honor of Tami Berczuk, our strong and inspiring, beautiful friend. ~ Mary Russell

In honor of our amazing mother, and all those who support the BCA.  Thank you! ~ Clare, Kate and Kelly Whipple

In honor of Nancy Smith, a strong, loving and courageous woman ~ Mari Clack

Thanks to BCA for making a difference ~ Griffith Harris

In honor of my brave sisters-in-law Lori and Athena ~ Holly E. Kennedy

In honor of Meg Russell ~ Jessica Mindich

In honor of Jill, Meg, Annesley MacFarlane, Mary Jo Riddle and Liz Lazarus ~ Lindy Camel

In honor of Deedra Magee ~ Andrea Vakos

In honor of my aunt and grandfather

In honor of Mary Waterman, whose memory lives on in her wonderful sister, Liz Parsons ~ Melinda Hardin

For all those women who fought the good fight ~ Dr. Costanza Cocilovo

In honor of my daughter, Meg Russell ~ Ellen Steinbaum

Dr. Irma Fattal-Johnson (June 1931- August 2015) loved life, adventure, humanity and the natural world, a true survivor and inspiration. She fought her last battle at the age of 84 to breast cancer. ~ Norma Stehli

For my mother who is always with me ~ Susie McNamee

A Tribute to My Mother: I will never forget how strong you were and never complained once on how sick you actually were. I will never forget you. Miss you and love you ~ Patti Valenti

In honor of my amazing sister-in-law

In honor of my incredible friend – you know who you are ~ Meg Russell

In honor of Sharon Phillips ~ Joanne Stavrou

For my beautiful sister, Ellen Sheridan Flanagan.  We miss you proundly ~ FiFi Sheridan