2017 Board of Directors - Breast Cancer Alliance

2017 Board of Directors

Mary K. Jeffery, President 

Marci Barr Abbot 

Kim Augustine 

Susan Bevan 

Jill Coyle 

Cathy Dann

Sue Delepine 

Lisa Fischer

Dr. Donna Hagberg

Karen Lowney 

Dee Mayberry 

Andrew Mitchell-Namdar 

Justin Nelson 

Courtney Olsen 

Sharon Phillips 

Mary Quick 

Ellen Schapps Richman

Mary Jo Riddle

Nancy Rosen 

Meg Russell

Trish Shannon 

Lisa Skinner

Nancy Smith 

Loren Taufield 

Lisa Walsh 

Jaime Cooper Warner 

Jieun Wax 

Elisa Wilson 

Diane Zarrilli

No member of the Board of Directors, Advisory Council, Medical Advisory Board or Founders Board received remuneration for their support of Breast Cancer Alliance. They are not paid – they are strictly volunteers.