2018 Grants - Breast Cancer Alliance

2018 Grants


Regina Barzilay, PhD XP Walsh Family Grant Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Using deep learning for risk assessment from mammogram images

Leif Ellisen, MD, PhD XP Massachusetts General Hospital
Expressed gene fusions as frequent drivers in hormone receptor positive breast cancer

Peter Gann, MD, SCD XP University of Illinois
Using computer vision to quantify intra-tumor heterogeneity and its relation to treatment outcome in breast cancer

Marcia Haigis, PhD XP Harvard Medical School
Examining the role of ammonia in breast cancer

Christopher Klebanoff, MD XP Deborah G. Black Memorial Grant Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Generation of a library of T-cell receptors targeting the cancer-germline antigen CT83, a promising immunotherapy target for patients with triple negative breast cancer

Paolo Dalerba, MD YIG Columbia University
The role of SOX10 as a predictor of survival outcomes in familial breast cancer patients

Eugen Dhimolea, PhD YIG Dana Farber Cancer Institute
Dissecting mechanisms of chemo-refractory adaptation in breast tumors using co-clinical models

Andrew Elia, MD, PhD YIG Massachusetts General Hospital
Ubiquitin ligases in hereditary breast cancer

Shom Goel, MBBS, PhD YIG Dana Farber Cancer Institute
Immunologic mechanisms of resistance to CDK4/6 inhibition in breast cancer

Pedram Razavi, MD, PhD YIG Supported by Tami Eagle Bowling and Friends Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Dissecting the molecular landscape in metastatic breast cancer


Lisa Chapa, MD, Debbie Taylor Fellow Mount Sinai Beth Israel Mount Sinai West 
Yi Huang, MD, Mitchell Family Fellow Yale School of Medicine 
Anita Mamtani, MD, Jane and Alan Batkin Fellow Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center 
Heather Feld Portaro, MD Rodkin Family Fellow Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey 
Michael Zeidman, MD, Fellow Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai


Cancer Support Team
Gilda’s Club Westchester 
Greenwich Hospital 
Griffin Hospital 
Hartford Hospital 
Hospital of Central Connecticut 
Masin Family Grant at Middlesex Hospital 
Norma F. Pfriem Breast Cancer Center 
Norwalk Hospital/Whittingham Cancer Center 
Open Door Family Medical Center
Stamford Hospital 
St. Vincent’s Hospital 
The Witness Project 
Yale-New Haven Hospital